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Resources and support groups for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans people in the London Borough of Croydon

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Summary events for CAGS Newsletter

Sat 3 Jun CAGS Party
Tue 13 Jun SLG monthly meeting Talking therapies
Thu 15 Jun Queer British Art
Tue 20 Jun CAGS monthly meeting Paradise Press
Thu 22 Jun CAGS Lunch Club
Sun 25 Jun An Evening of Song and Celebration Fairly Vocal to Varifocal
Mon 26 Jun Tell-Tale Tracks
Thu 29 Jun Film night Killer Drag Queens on Dope
Sat 1 Jul Community play The Keyhole
Sat 1 Jul Community play The Keyhole (continued)
Sun 2 Jul CHE Conference
Mon 3 Jul Capital Quiz
Tue 4 Jul Film evening 1967 and all that
Thu 6 Jul Croydon PrideFest Cabaret Out 4 a good time
Mon 10 Jul to Mon 17 Jul Croydon PrideFest display
Tue 11 Jul Film showing for Croydon Pride The Einstein of sex
Tue 11 Jul SLG monthly meeting LGBT in Justice
Thu 13 Jul Aurora meeting
Tue 18 Jul CAGS Walk / Picnic
Thu 20 Jul CAGS Lunch Club
Sat 22 Jul CAGS Garden Party
Tue 15 Aug CAGS Monthly Meeting Gay at work
Mon 21 Aug CAGS Walk / Picnic
Thu 7 Sep Aurora meeting
Tue 12 Sep SLG monthly meeting A Boxful of Ideas
Fri 15 Sep S.L.G Lunch
Tue 19 Sep CAGS Walk / Picnic
Thu 21 Sep CAGS Lunch Club
Wed 27 Sep PLAY: The Seagull
Fri 29 Sep SLAGO Party
Sun 1 Oct to Sat 21 Oct Play: Holding the Man
Tue 17 Oct CAGS Monthly Meeting Oscar's Boys
Thu 19 Oct CAGS Lunch Club
Thu 19 Oct 3F Meeting
Sat 21 Oct Surrey Opera
Wed 25 Oct PLAY: Drakul Balham
Tue 7 Nov Healthwatch Croydon Annual Meeting and Community Fair
Thu 9 Nov CAGS Walk / Picnic
Tue 14 Nov SLG Monthly meeting
Thu 16 Nov CAGS Lunch Club
Sat 18 Nov Transgender Day of Remembrance Croydon event
Tue 21 Nov CAGS Monthly Meeting John Carter
Fri 24 Nov An Evening of Contemporary Song Cancelled
Fri 1 Dec World Aids Day Charity Fundraiser Please note change of venue
Sat 2 Dec South Bank film - NOTE CHANGE OF DATE The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Tue 12 Dec CAGS Walk
Thu 21 Dec CAGS Lunch Club
Fri 29 Dec FILM: On The Town
Tue 9 Jan SLG Monthly meeting DAN WYE, WHY, WHY?!
Mon 15 Jan Aurora meeting
Tue 16 Jan CAGS Monthly Meeting Jeremy Kingston
Thu 18 Jan CAGS Lunch Club
Sat 27 Jan CHE meeting
Thu 1 Feb to Wed 28 Feb Croydon LGBT Groups Exhibition
Mon 12 Feb SLG Monthly meeting Lord Alfred Douglas
Wed 14 Feb Silver Rainbow Lunch Please note change of date!
Sun 18 Feb Naturist Swim
Thu 22 Feb CAGS Lunch Club
Thu 22 Feb Queer(in)g Croydon
Tue 27 Feb CAGS Monthly Meeting Jarman in Pieces
Tue 13 Mar SLG Monthly meeting SLAGO Quiz
Fri 16 Mar to Sun 18 Mar LGBT History Month conference "Outing the Past"
Thu 22 Mar CAGS Lunch Club
Mon 26 Mar Aurora meeting
Thu 5 Apr CAGS walk
Tue 10 Apr SLG Monthly meeting Dementia support
Tue 17 Apr CAGS Monthly meeting Michael Shrimpton
Thu 19 Apr CAGS Lunch club
Sat 28 Apr SLAGO Awayday Brighton Please note change of venues
Mon 7 May CAGS Cream Tea
Tue 8 May SLG Monthly meeting Gay Liberation Front
Thu 17 May CAGS Lunch club
Mon 4 Jun Aurora meeting
Tue 12 Jun SLG Monthly meeting
Fri 15 Jun Louder Than Liberty
Sat 16 Jun to Sat 23 Jun Festival of Peace Croydon
Thu 21 Jun CAGS Lunch club
Sun 1 Jul CAGS Tennis group
Mon 9 Jul SLG Monthly Meeting Suleika: Fragments of a Transgender Life
Thu 19 Jul CAGS Lunch club
Thu 2 Aug Happy Prince Film
Sun 12 Aug Naturist Swim
Sun 12 Aug Gay Men's chorus
Mon 13 Aug Aurora meeting
Tue 14 Aug ART exhibition Defending 'Degenerate' German Art
Thu 16 Aug CAGS Lunch Club
Wed 29 Aug FILM: Sebastiane
Fri 7 Sep S.L.G Lunch
Thu 20 Sep CAGS Lunch Club
Tue 25 Sep SLG PLAY Picnic
Tue 6 Nov SLAGO pub night
Wed 7 Nov CAGS Lunch Club
Thu 15 Nov 3F (OneBodyOneFaith) meeting SLAGO Quiz
Tue 20 Nov CAGS Monthly Meeting Peter Burman on Ruskin
Wed 5 Dec CAGS Lunch Club
Fri 14 Dec CAGS Walk Purley
Wed 2 Jan CAGS Lunch Club
Tue 5 Feb to Sat 23 Feb No Kids (play)
Tue 5 Feb pub evening
Tue 5 Feb SLAGO pub night
Wed 6 Feb CAGS Lunch Club
Wed 13 Feb Disobedience
Tue 19 Feb CAGS Monthly Meeting Blowing the Lid
Mon 25 Feb Aurora Meeting
Thu 28 Feb LGBT History Month
Wed 6 Mar CAGS Lunch Club
Wed 13 Mar PLAY 'Touch'
Wed 27 Mar SLG Nepalese Dinner
Wed 3 Apr CAGS Lunch club
Wed 17 Apr PLAY Old Fools
Tue 30 Apr SLG Lunch visit
Wed 1 May CAGS Lunch Club
Tue 14 May SLG Monthly Meeting
Wed 15 May to Sat 8 Jun This Island's Mine by Philip Osment
Mon 20 May Aurora Meeting
Tue 21 May CAGS AGM
Wed 5 Jun CAGS Group lunch
Tue 11 Jun SLG Monthly Meeting
Fri 28 Jun STONEWALL film
Fri 28 Jun Cinema / LGBT
Sun 30 Jun SOHO Village Fete
Wed 3 Jul CAGS Lunch Club
Sat 6 Jul London Pride
Sat 3 Aug Brighton Pride
Wed 7 Aug CAGS Lunch club
Sun 11 Aug Film: Are You Proud
Mon 19 Aug Aurora Meeting
Tue 3 Sep SLAGO Pub Evening
Wed 4 Sep CAGS Lunch Club
Tue 10 Sep SLG Monthly meeting Pride: the story of the LGBTQ Equality Movement:
Wed 2 Oct CAGS Lunch club
Wed 16 Oct PLAY Radiant Vermin
Wed 23 Oct PLAY 'Stage Door '
Tue 5 Nov SLAGO Pub evening
Wed 6 Nov CAGS Lunch Club
Tue 10 Dec SLG Monthly Meeting
Thu 26 Dec Boxing Day Supper
Sun 29 Dec CAGS Tea Party
Mon 13 Jan Aurora Meeting
Wed 15 Jan CAGS Lunch Club
Tue 4 Feb SLG Evening Dinner
Tue 11 Feb SLG Monthly Meeting
Wed 12 Feb CAGS Lunch Club
Sat 15 Feb CAGS Saturday Lunch
Wed 19 Feb PLAY: Richard III
Mon 24 Feb to Sat 29 Feb Play: Home
Fri 28 Feb FREE FILM 'Pride'
Fri 6 Mar PLAY : 'GOOD'
Wed 11 Mar CAGS Lunch Club
Sat 14 Mar CAGS Tea Party

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