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Photo Gallery

This page will build up into a photographic history of the LGBT groups in Croydon.

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26 Feb 2017

Roger Burg, long-term gay campaigner, died on the 26th of February. Earlier in the month he had been given a special award by the Mayor of Croydon.

Roger Burg at the IDAHOT event, May 2016The certificate for Roger's award
7 Feb 2017

The writer Peter Scott-Presland and the gay campaigner Andrew Lumsden were the speakers at the last ever Brief Encounter event. The Brief Encounter is being replaced from March onwards by the CAGS Monthly Meeting.

Andrew Lumsden, David Page (Chair of CAGS) and Peter Scott-Presland
1 Feb 2017 to 28 Feb 2017

For LGBT History Month 2017 there were displays throughout February in Croydon Library.

The displays on the first floor of the LibraryPart of the displayAnother part of the display
19 Nov 2016

The Trans Day of Remembrance is held every year on the 20th of November to remember transgendered people who have been murdered during the previous year. Croydon's ceremony was held on Saturday the 19th in Bernard Weatherill House. There was also a display in Croydon Library for the week leading up to the 19th.

Paula from TransPALSSome musicReading the names of this year's victimsA candle for each victimDavid Palmer of AuroraRoger Burg with Transpals flag and Aurora displayThe display in Croydon Library
28 Aug 2016

The first Croydon Pride for many years was held on the 28th of August, with a parade through the town centre and a festival in Surrey Street.

The CAGS banner being carried in the paradeThe parade in North EndRainbows Across BordersProud and PalaceCroydon UnitariansThe stall for some of the local LGBT groupsThe Gay Authors Workshop stall
21 Aug 2016

The CAGS / SLAGO Garden Party ("Mardi on the Grass") was once again held in Purley.

Ross Burgess and Peter Blackburn (CAGS committee members)Stevie and the drinks tableGuests enjoying themselvesDeep in conversationA line-up of guestsQueueing for foodThe food tablePeter Scott-Presland entertains
13 Jun 2016

The Mayor of Croydon, Cllr Wayne Trakas-Lawlor, raised the rainbow flag to half-mast, in memory of those killed at the Orlando nightclub.

The Mayor with the flag
17 May 2016

On IDAHOT day, 17 May, Professor Matt Cook was the speaker at the CAGS meeting in the "Brief Encounter" series.

Matt Cook (right) with David Page, chair of CAGS
15 May 2016

For IDAHOT 2016 a special service was held at Croydon Unitarian Church, with singing by Rainbows Across Borders and an address by Ross Burgess of CAGS. After the service, many of the congregation were photographed holding the Stonewall "No Bystanders" poster.

Rev Art Lester with the "No Bystanders" posterRoss Burgess in the pulpitRainbow Singers Across BordersMarkMagdaGillyDaniLydiaBenJosephTim
14 May 2016

For the week including IDAHOT there was a display in the entrance to the Volunteer Centre in Centrale promoting the Croydon Hate Crime leaflets. On the first day, people were photographed holding the Stonewall "No Bystanders poster.

Roger from Aurora with the IDAHOT displayRay from Rainbows Across BordersCatherineHilary from Croydon Voluntary ActionPaul from Croydon Voluntary Action with Sarah from Rainbows Across BordersPeter B from CAGSPeter TRoss and RogerJim
6 Feb 2016

Ross Burgess from CAGS was speaking on "40 years of making and recording history". Photos by Nicholas Chinadet.

Ross BurgessRoss Burgess with Sue Sanders (Chair of LGBT History Month) and Stuart Milk (Nephew of Harvey Milk)
5 Feb 2016

Civic launch in the Braithwaite Hall, Croydon Clocktower.

Braithwaite Hall before the launch, with LGBT group bannersRepresentatives of the Army LGBT groupRev June Boyce-TilmanCllr Mark WatsonCllr Wayne Trakas-Lawlor, Deputy Mayor
2 Feb 2016

In keeping with the LGBT History Month theme for 2016 of Religion, Belief and Philosophy. The speaker at CAGS' Brief Encounter event was Rev Art Lester of Croydon Unitarian Church.

Rev Art Lester (Right) with David Page, Chair of CAGS
1 Feb 2016 to 29 Feb 2016

The displays are all on the first floor this year,

History Month dispays on Level OnePanels about the local LGBT groupsPanels about Religion, Belief and Philosophy in LGBT historyDisplay by The Bridge, Croydon's LGBT+ youth club
20 Jun 2015
The LGBT stall in North End, with David Page (chair of CAGS) and Ross BurgessThe stallsRainbow Singera Across Borders on stage
28 Jun 2014

RAB members took part in the Pride Parade, with a banner and placards.

RAB members and others in the paradeBeaving the elementsMembers with banner and placardThe new bannerWith the Ugandan flagRABs with the bannerRABs and a queenRABs, queen and banner
28 Jun 2014

Silver Rainbow members and others at London Pride. Some members walked in the parade with the banner, others rode on the Opening Doors bus.

Opening Doors London bannerRoss (carrying Silver Rainbow Banner) and PeterRoss with the SIlver Rainbow bannner and the Opening Doors busChris (rather wet) holds the bannerView from the top deck of the bus
19 May 2014

These were contributed by Phil Purkiss of the Regeneration Project

The Regeneration Project and CAGS stalls (with David Page of CAGS)The St John the Evangelist and Rainbow Reading Group stallsOut and Proud Diamond Group bannerCroydon Methodist Circuit bannerStalls for Croydon Unitarians and FFLAGPurley Quakers and Aurora stallsOut and Proud Diamond Group stallUnitarians and FFLAG stallsPhilip James of the Regeneration Project (left) with Ray Harvey-Amer (2nd right) and members of Rainbows Across BordersQuest bannerCroydon Trans Group banner
17 May 2014

Thanks to everyone who contributed these photos,

Rev Dwayne Morgan at the MCC stallDavid Page, Chair of CAGS, with the CAGS stallHelen Doe of the Croydon Trans GroupThe CAGS stallSome of the Rainbow SingersThe Regeneration Project stallBanners and balloons in North EndBalloons and bannersSusan, conductor of the Rainbow SingersRoger Burg (right) one of the main organisers, with his partner Ross BurgessRainbow Singers Across Borders, taking a rest between songsSome of the Rainbow SingersRoss in front of the CAGS stallRainbow Singers Across BordersThe Purley Quakers stallRainbow Singers and One Love flags
17 May 2014

Photos by Chris Packham of Reigate:

Endurance Steel Orchestra entertain the publicCroydon Unitarians and FFLAG stallsFFLAG (Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)Endurance Steel OrchestraSusan leads the Rainbow SingersRainbow Singers Across BordersRainbow Singers with One Love flagsFriendly discussionsSigning a petitionEarnest debateAnother signatureRainbow Singers with flagsOne of the balloon bannersEndurance Steel Orchestra with bannerRev Dwayne Morgan of Metropolitan Community ChurchThe Quest (Gay Catholics) stallRainbows Across Borders members with flagsRainbows Across Borders singers with grass skirtsRoss and Dee
17 May 2014

These pictures are from Tim Miles of the Croydon Unitarians.

Susan and the Rainbow SingersCroydon Unitarians stall and balloonsCrowds in front of the Whitgift CentreSusan and SingersRainbow Singers Across Borders
17 May 2014

The Friends of Dorothy (LGBT bell ringers and their friends) came to ring in Croydon Minster for IDAHO. Pictures from Catherine Pestano.

One Love flagCroydon Minster and One Love flagOne of the bellsFODS ringersGetting ready to ring
29 Sep 2013

Members of Aurora and Croydon Trans Group planted bulbs at the Mayfield Playground, Thornton Heath, in anticipation of this year's Trans Day of Remembrance, as a living memorial to those who had died as a result of transphobia.

Roger, Helen, David and Susan at workHelen, Convenor of the Trans GroupSusan, Helen, David and Ross
18 May 2013

IDAHO (international Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) was celebrated in Croydon on the following day, Saturday 18th May 2013, with an event in North End, Croydon. There were displays from six local churches and six local LGBT groups. Photos from number 8 onwards are by Chris Packham of Reigate:

The Aurora stall (Croydon's LGBT police forum}The Regeneration Project's stallSmiling facesThe Silver Rainbow stall (for LGBT over-50s)The MCC South London stallThe stall for St John the Evangelist Upper NorwoodThe stall for St Stephen's Norbury and Thornton HeathThe Rainbow Reading Group stallIDAHO 2013: Rainbow Reading Group stallThe Croydon Trans Group stallPurley Quakers in a quiet momentThe band squeezes CAGS out of its stall!Croydon Brass Band and the CAGS stallThe Croydon Unitarians stallDiscussion with Purley QuakersHappy facesThe Unitarians and Rainbows Across Borders stallsYou've spelt it wrong again!Rainbows Across Borders, for LGBT asylum seekersAnimated discussionSpeak up, I can't hear you!Rainbow Reading - in your second languageTalking to the UnitariansSome Croydon Trans Group membersGeneral view of the event
4 Oct 2012

For Black History Month 2012, CAGS arranged a talk by Ted Brown, veteran black gay activist.

Ted Brown at the meeting in Croydon
7 Sep 2012

CAGS, representing all the Croydon LGBT groups, took part in the 2012 Enrichment Fair at Croydon College

Ross with the CAGS pull-up display and leaflets
1 Sep 2012

Helen of the Croydon Trans Group at Brighton Pride 2012, wiht the trans flag and a police escort.

Helen with flag and senior police officer
7 Jul 2012

Ross Burgess of Silver Rainbow joined the London Pride parade (in the red section as part of the Older LGBT Community walking group. The second phot show him with Mark Delacour of the LGBT Consortium in Trafalgar Square (note the rainbow flag flying on St Martin in the Fields).

Ross Burgess with the Silver Rainbow bannerMark Delacour and Ross Burgess in Trafalgar Square
5 Jun 2012

Ivor Treby, noted gay poet, read some of his poems, interspersed with stories of his life and how he came to write the poems, at the Brief Encounter event at the Spread Eagle.

Ivor C Treby
17 May 2012

For IDAHO 2012 CAGS put on an event near Queen Victoria's statute in Katharine Street. CAGS members sent congratulations to the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee, while recalling tha 40 Commonwealth countried still penalise homosexuality. In the evening there was a debate about gay marriage at the Unitarian Church.

Ray Harvey-Amer gives an orationRoss Burgess reads the letter to the QueenThe panel for the same=sex marriage debate
3 Apr 2012

Patrick Strudwick, award-winning journalist, political columnist at Gay Times told the meeting how he had exposed therapists and religious groups that claimed to "cure" people of homo­sexuality. See the CAGS Press Release for more details.

Ross Burgess (chairing the meeting) and Patrick StrudwickPatrick Strudwick
23 Feb 2012

With guest of honour Pat Beech, National Manager of RNIB’s Library Service (the Reading Group has ensured that its books for 2012 are all on the RNIB's LGBT range of talking books).

Pat Beech (RNIB) with Aileen Cahill (Head of Croydon Libraries)Ray Harvey-Amer (Rainbow Reading Group), Aileen Cahill (Head of Croydon Libraries) and Ross Burgess (CAGS)Becky Saunders of Croydon Council with Ray Harvey-AmerFiona Grunwell as "A friend of Holly Golightly" (from Truman CapoteBecky Saunders of Croydon Council with Fiona GrunwellLeigh Armstrong of CVA with Margaret Phillips of Croydon LibraryReading Group members and guests"Holly Golightly" by Steve (a Reading Group member)
20 Feb 2012

The centre panel shows LGBT figures from history: Sappho (Lesbian), Hadrian (Gay), Lord Byron (Bi), and the Chevalier d'Eon (Trans). The side panels feature local LGBT groups.

The LGBT displayHelen with the Trans Group flag
8 Feb 2012

Event in the Council Chamber, Croydon Town Hall

Cllr Steve O'Connell (Croydon Council Cabinet member and GLA member for Croydon and Sutton)Rob Elliott (Chair of Crocus)Ray Harvey-Amer (CAGS and Rainbow Reading Group)Presentation by Croydon College students
7 Feb 2012

Lisa was speaking at a meeting of Croydon Area Gay Society, one of a series of talks called "The Brief Encounter". For more about the talk, see,

David Page, Chair of CAGS, with Lisa PowerLisa PowerLisa PowerDavid, Lisa, and some of the audienceLisa Power
1 Feb 2012 to 29 Feb 2012
Ground floor display: local LGBT groupsGround floor display: close-up of Crocus panelLevel One display: photos chosen by The Bridge youth clubAnother view of the Level One displayMembers and staff of The Bridge with their display
1 Dec 2011

On World AIDS Day 2011, CAGS provided a display in the foyer of Croydon University Hospital

CAGS members with the display
19 Nov 2011

Trans Dayof Remebrance was commemorated by a display in Croydon Library, and a ceremonly of lighting candles and reading out the names of trans people who had died by violence over the last 12 months.

Display in Croydon LibraryRemembrance ceremony
17 May 2011

For IDAHO (international Day Against Homophobia) 2011 there was an outreach in North End, Croydon, with the Croydon POP Bus from 3 to 6pm, followed by one minute's silence and balloon release to commemorate those lives lost and the families affected by homophobia, with special guest the Mayor of Croydon, Cllr Avril Slipper.

IDAHO 2011 posterThe POP Bus with rainbow flag and balloonsHelen from the Trans GroupThe Mayor with representatives of the local LGBT communityThe mayor's addressBalloon Release
27 Feb 2011

Phil led us on a walk round Croydon, visiting some of the places associated with the 40-year history of CAGS.

Outside the ClocktowerIn the Queen's GardensA break for lunch
24 Feb 2011

The Rainbow Reading Group was launched by Miss Aileen Cahill, Head of Library Services, with a special guest Issy Festing, author of The Bird Keeper.

Rainbow Reading Group, Issy Festsing, and Library staffDiscussing "The Bird Keeper"Miss Aileen Cahill, Head of Library Services, cuts the cakeIssy Festing, author of "The Bird Keper"Ray Harvey-Amer, organiser of the Rainbow Reading Group, iwth Issy Festing
17 Feb 2011

We enjoyed an afternoon of reminiscence in the Museum's activities room.

Renia Jenkins of Croydon Library at the Telling Tales event
10 Feb 2011

The Museum launched an expanded version of their LGBT Trail.

Museum staff with members of Crocus 18-30 and CAGS
2 Feb 2011

History Month 2011 was launched with a civic reception, attended by Cllr Lynne Hale, with a special performance by Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation, and a surprise visit by Sue Sanders, orginator of LGBT History Month in the UK.

Jim Sewell of CAGS and Cllr Lynne Hale with the CAGS 40th birthday cakeMembers of Croydon Youth Theatre OrganisationThe CAGS 40th birthday cakeDavid Page (Chair of CAGS) with Sue Sanders, originator of LGBT History Month
1 Feb 2011 to 28 Feb 2011

This display, on view in the ground floor of the Central Library throughout the month, included panels for all the main LGBT groups in Croydon, and a centre spread about the CAGS Tennis Group.

General view of the displayCrocus 18-30 panelAurora panelCAGS panelCrocus panelSilver Rainbow panelLGBT Timeline panelCroydon Trans Group panelCAGS Tennis Group history panel
1 Feb 2011 to 28 Feb 2011

On the first floor of Croydon Library there was a big display for The Justin Campaign - campaigning against homophobia in football in memory of Justin Fashanu.

CAGS members and library staff in front of the Justin Campaign displayAnother view of the displayFinishing touches to the displayAdmiring the finished display
1 Feb 2011

The regular bi-monthly CAGS meeting at The Brief, George Street, was addressed by Darren Ollerton of The Justin Campaign.

Darren Ollerton of The Justin Campign (left), speaking at The Brief Encoutner, with David Page, Chair of CAGS
5 Oct 2010
Adience at The Brief, with Linda BellosLinda Bellos speaking at The Brief
4 Oct 2010 to 4 Mar 2012
Visitors viewing the exhibitionSonalleRev Jide Macaulay
17 May 2010
IDAHO 2010 flyerPolice and community membersGetting ready to release the balloonsBalloons and the Clocktower
13 Feb 2010

The Croydon Trans Group held a celebration of the life of Roberta Cowell, born at 4 Sydenham Road, Croydon, the first person in the UK to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Members and friends of Croydon Trans Group at Roberta Cowell's birthplaceFloral tribute at the birthplaceA toast to Roberta Cowell at the Bird in Hand, Sydenham RoadExhibition display about Roberta Cowell
6 Feb 2010

Photos 1-9 by Michal Jaworski – - photos 10 and 11 by members of the LGBT community

Library staff, Cllr Simon Hall, Trans Group membersTrans Group members, Cllr Simon Hall, Library staffCommunity members and library staff with the Deputy MayorThe new LGBT sectionThe Deputy Mayor cuts the ribbon (1)The Deputy Mayor cuts the ribbon (2)After the ribbon cutting (1)After the ribbon cutting (2)Address by Rob Elliott, Chair of CrocusThe LGBT History Month display in the LibraryRoberta Cowell's book presented to the Library
6 Feb 2010

The Deputy Mayor laid a wreath at the Croydon War Memorial, outside the Clocktower Centre, in honour of Alan Turing and other LGBT war heroes.

Photos 1-4 and 6-10 by Michal Jaworski – - photos 5, 11, and 12 by members of the LGBT Community.

Croydon Trans Group at the War MemorialBefore the wreath layingThe Deputy Mayor (Cllr Russell Jackson) lays the wreathThe Deputy Mayor places a memory stickDavid Page, Chair of CAGS, with a wreathThe Trans Group ;place memory sticksAndrew Pelling MP, Cllr Simon Hall, The Deputy Mayor, Cllr Gavin BarwellRobe Elliott, the Deputy Mayor, Ray Harvey-AmerCommunity membersPolice Community Support OfficersPCSOs place memory sticksThe War Memorial with wreaths
5 Feb 2010
Civic reception in the Clocktower CourtAndrew Pelling MP and Adrian Roberts (Borough Police Commander)The exhibition in the Clocktower CourtCloseup of part of the exhibition display
2 Feb 2010

LGBT Hustings in advance of the General Election, with representataives of the main policical parties. (Photos by Davide Berlanda -

Left to right: Jason Hadden (Conservative), Gordon Ross (Green), Gerry Jerome (LibDem), David Page (Chair of CAGS), Ralph Atkinson (UKIP), Jane Avis (Labour)Ralph Atkinson (UKIP)Jason Hadden (Conservative)Jane Avis (Labour)Gordon Ross (Green) and Gerry Jerome (LibDem)Gordon Ross (Green)Gerry Jerome (LibDem)David Page (Chair of CAGS)Gerry Jerome, David Page, Ralph Atkinson, Jane AvisJason Hadden, Gordon Ross, Gerry Jerome
23 Oct 2009

Silver Rainbow exhibited at Croydon Council's "Full of Life" event at the Fairfield Halls.

The Silver Rainbow stall in the Fairfield Halls
4 Sep 2009

Silver Rainbow took part in Age Concern's LGBT 50+ Information Fair in Soho in September 2009.

Roger and Ross in Silver Rainbow polo shirts, with Nick from Age Concern Camden's Opening Doors project
1 Aug 2009 to 2 Aug 2009

CAGS put on a stall for the local LGBT groups at Croydon Summer Festival in Lloyd Park. Torrential rain on the Saturday afternoon meant that some of the deocurations at the top of the stall had to be scrapped on the Sunday!

The LGBT stall on the SaturdayGeneral viw on the SundayCAGS members on the stallSome young visitors to the stall
4 Jul 2009
Trafalgar Square wtih the CAGS stallAnother view of the CAGS stallAnother view of the CAGS stallDisplay of posters and leafletsTalking to a visitorCAGS members in their Croydon t-shirts
13 May 2009
Mischa and Ross with lilies and a list of names
16 Feb 2009

For 2009 History Month was celebrated with a showing of the film Milk at the David Lean Cinema with a commentary by historian Michael Brown, and a display and civic reception in the Croydon Clocktower foyer.

Michael Brown speaking at the David Lean cinemaBird's eye view of the receptionCllr Gavin Barwell (now an MP) speaking at the receptionLGBT display (1)LGBT display (2)LGBT display (3)LGBT display (4)LGBT display (5)
2 Dec 2008

Our second Brief Encounter event featured Allan Horsfall (founder of CHE, the Campaign for Homosexual Equality) and Ray Gosling, journalist and TV presenter. See also the CAGS press release.

David Page (Chair of CAGS) with Allan HorsfallAllan Horfall with a newspaper from the very early days of CHEAllan Horsfall, Nigel Tart from LGBT History Month, and Ray GoslingDavid Page (Chair of CAGS) with Ray Gosling
17 Nov 2008

Silver Rainbow took part in an event intended to promote Croydon as a Beacon authority for services for older people.

Ross Burgess with the Silver Rainbow stall
7 Oct 2008

Our first speaker at The Brief was Brian Paddick, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, and LibDem candidate for Mayor of London.

David Page (Chair of CAGS) with Brian PaddickBrian Paddick addressing the meetingBrian Paddick addressing the meetingBrian Paddick, film crew, and audience
12 May 2008 to 16 Jul 2012

Crocus was launched at an event in Croydon Town Hall.

Brian Stapleton, CEO of Croydon BusinessCllr Mike Fisher (Leader of Croyodn Council)Ch Sup Mark Gore (Borough Police Commander)Cllr Tony Newman (Leader of the Opposition on Croydon Council)PCSO David Kay (Croydon LGBT Liaison Officer)Rob Elliot (Chair of Crocus)Cllr Simon Hall addressing the meetingRob Elliot, Cllr Brian Udell (Deputy Mayor of Croydon), and Cllr Simon HallCrocus supporters after the launch
6 May 2008

Aurora's fifth birthday was clelbrated by a special "cake", It was on show a couple of weeks later a teh Bird in Hand, where pieces of real cake were handed out.

Aurora members with the "cake"
2 Feb 2008

For History Month 2008 CAGS held an event discussing sworn brotherhood in mediaeval England as documented In Chaucer and traditional ballads, followed by a re-enactment of the ame-sex union ceremonies that were previously celebrated in different parts of Europe.

Roger demonstrates an heraldic point.Points from ChaucerPoints from traditional balladsThe re-enactment
17 Nov 2007

CAGS produced a display for the local LGBT groups for this event at the South Norwood Country Park.

The LGBT stall and displayRoger and Ross with the stall
4 Aug 2007

We again had a stall for all the Croydon Groups at Brighton Pride 2007.

The Croydon stall at Brighton Pride 2007
30 Jun 2007

The one-man banner was used again in the Pride parade.

CAGS members with the bannerClose-up of the banner
17 May 2007

The IDAHO theme this year was "making a noise" to bang homophobia out of Croydon.

Aurora members "bursting" balloons for IDAHO
5 Feb 2007

CAGS hired the Warehouse Theatre in Croydon for a playreading for History Month 2007

Cast of the playreadingParadise Press
5 Aug 2006

We had a joint stall for all the Croydon Groups at Brighton Pride 2006.

The Croydon stall at Brighton Pride 2006
1 Jul 2006

Roger made and carried a one-man banner in the parade.

Roger with the CAGS banner
17 May 2006
Police and community members on the stairs at Croydon Town Hall
13 Mar 1999

CAGS and other local gay and lesbian groups had a stall at this event in the Braithwaite Hall.

LGBT stall in the Braithwaite Hall, with CAGS banner
6 Jul 1996

The CAGS banner was proudly carried in the Pride March in 1996 and 1997 (the picture is thought to be from 1996).

The CAGS banner at London Pride, probably1996

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